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    Aluminium Multifolding Door Specialists, Berkshire

    Aluminium Multifolding doors from Headstart Home Improvements in Berkshire, offer flexibility in more ways than one

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    Open up your home - instantly

    Versatile and practical, aluminium multifolding doors, often referred to as bi-folding doors are manufactured to meet your requirements.

    Openings of up to six metres can be achieved in an instant allowing the outside to become integrated with the inside.

    Flexible Living Spaces

    Giving you added flexibility to your living space, aluminium multifolding doors can be used either internally or externally. However, the most popular usage is as a wall separating a room from the garden.

    The Standard 'Choices' Aluminium Bi-fold door is the Optio BSF70

    BSF70 Aluminium Bi-folding Door

    BSF70 Aluminium Bi-fold

    An intelligent combination of form and function, our highly versatile and market leading Bi-fold sliding door systems gives you maximum control over the style and operations of the door.

    Interlock Detail

    Cill Detail

    (Click on a diagram to enlarge it)

    Design Features

    • Internally beaded with a softline sash
    • Stainless Steel Wheels
    • Unique flush line pop up handle
    • Magnetic catch for prime/slave leaf
    • All configurations open in and open out
    • Thermally broken aluminium sections
    • 28mm sealed unit
    • Black or White lever/lever prime handles
    • Black or White internal pop-out handles
    • 'U' value 1.7Wm2K


    • Low Threshold (no weather rating)
    • A range of RAL single or dual colour
    • PAS 24/Doc Q
    • Mechanically jointed outer frame
    • 'U' Value 1.5Wm2K with triple glazing
    • Brushed chrome prime handles
    • HI Profiles - 1.4 ‘U’ Value double glazed, 1.1 ‘U’ value tripled glazed with Low E Plus glass
    Flush line pop-out handle

    Flush line pop-out handle

    Stainless Steel Wheels Option

    Stainless steel wheels

    Floating corner post option

    Floating corner post option available

    The Premium 'Choices' Aluminium Bi-fold door is the Luminia F82

    F82 Premium Aluminium Bi-folding Door

    F82 Aluminium Bi-fold

    A contemporary, stylish bi-folding door. With thinner sightlines and interlock of 122mm that provide larger glazing panels without compromising on performance.

    Visibly Different

    We understand the desire for slimmer sightlines which is why the Lumina F82 has been designed with reduced outer frame rebates that are symmetrical. This boasts greater glazing areas, flooding the room with more natural light than ever before.

    Locking Jamb

    Frame Detail

    (Click on a diagram to enlarge it)

    Design Features

    • Frame plus sightlines of 97mm
    • New and improved flush pop out handle
    • Unique traffic doors
    • HD compact roller
    • 4 Stainless slim steel rollers
    • Magnetic catch for prime/slave leaf
    • All configurations open in and open out
    • Thermally broken aluminum sections
    • 'U' Value 1.5Wm2K with double glazing
    • Black or White lever/lever prime handles
    • Black or White internal pop-out handles


    • A range of RAL single or dual colour
    • PAS 24/Doc Q (Add 6.8mm laminated)
    • Mechanically jointed outer frame
    • 'U' Value 1.1Wm2K with triple glazing
    • Silver paint prime handles
    F82 Shoot bolts

    Shoot bolts Top and Bottom

    F82 Pop out T-bar Handle

    Flush Pop Out T-Bar Handle

    F82 Heavy duty compact rollers

    Heavy duty compact rollers

    Smart Visofold 1000 Slim Bi-folding doors

    Smart Visofold 1000 offers impressive opening apertures that can unite internal and external areas creating unique living and social areas.

    A versatile aluminium sliding-folding door for both domestic and commercial applications. In a home, it serves as an excellent alternative to sliding doors or can open up an entire wall as part of a conservatory, offering a beautiful view or a seamless connection with the garden.

    For commercial settings like bars, cafes, or restaurants, Visofold creates a glazed screen that maximizes natural light during inclement weather and easily opens up an entire wall in warmer conditions. With various opening configurations to choose from, Visofold doors adapt to suit any application, providing flexibility and functionality.

    Enhanced Performance and Versatile Design

    Visofold profiles are designed with a polyamide thermal break, enhancing thermal performance and overall U-Value. EPDM high-quality gaskets and weather brushes ensure excellent weather resistance.

    Compliant with Building Regulations Document L 2010, Visofold prioritizes security with multi-point lock mechanisms on main opening sashes and shoot-bolt locking on floating mullions.

    For accessibility, Visofold doors offer the choice of low thresholds for unimpeded entry or rebated thresholds for improved weather resistance. To suit your style, these doors come in standard or non-standard colors, including metallic, wood-structure, dual color, and Smart’s unique Sensations range of textured finishes.

    Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with Visofold doors.

    Pre-gasketed ‘Quick-Glaze’ Bead system


    A. Slim line sashes now available with optional integrated gasket.

    B. Combined bead/gasket has been designed to be easy to remove should any of the glazing panels need replacing.

    C. Cost effective tap-in integrated bead and gasket (rather than clipped in), make installation and glazing process faster, more straight forward

    Visofold 1000 Profile

    Design features

    • Pre-Gasketed, ‘Quick-Glaze’ Bead System
    • Attractive, slim-line profiles offer reduced sightlines
    • Fabricated using mitred corners
    • Domestic style ‘lift-up’ handle and an adjustable, one-piece keep
    • Trusted CWG Choices and Visofold Brand
    • Made from Aluminium Polyamide
    • Dual Colour Options available
    • Thermally Broken
    • NBS Listed
    • Document L Compliant
    • Achieves BS 6375-1:2009

    Threshold Options

    Standard Threshold with Optional Cill Diagram

    Standard Threshold with Optional Cill

    Low Threshold

    Low Threshold

    Integrated Threshold

    Integrated Threshold

    Frame Detail

    Frame Detail

    Frame Detail



    Head Detail with Optional Add-on and Head Drip

    Head Detail with Optional Add-on and Head Drip

    Product Video

    Colour Range for Fast Delivery

    smooth white windows and doors reading
    White RAL 9910hg
    smooth white windows and doors reading
    Anthracite Grey RAL 7016m
    smooth white windows and doors reading
    Anthracite Grey / White

    Available in any Single or Dual RAL Colour

    (Extended Lead Time)

    The 'Choices' range of Aluminium Windows and Doors are available in any RAL colour to suit all requirements.

    coloured aluminium windows reading


    Available in a range of styles and designs, panels can be stacked inside or outside of the room, to the left, right or split to stack on both sides. Door sets can be manufactured to replace entire walls to maximise your opening space.


    BSF70 - Minimum and Maximum Dimensions

    Minimum height 1950mm
    Minimum width 1400mm
    Minimum sash width 600mm

    Maximum height 2400mm
    Maximum width 6300mm
    Maximum sash width 1000mm

    F82 - Minimum and Maximum Dimensions

    Minimum height 2150mm
    Minimum width 1400mm
    Minimum sash width 600mm

    Maximum height 2500mm
    Maximum width 6300mm
    Maximum sash width 1200mm

    Visofold 1000 Slim - Max Dimensions

    Fixed Max Width (mm) – 1200mm (per sash)
    Fixed Max Height (mm) – 2500mm
    Fixed Max Weight (kg) – 100kg (per sash)

    Glazing (mm) – 28mm Pre gasketed, 24mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm double or triple glazed units
    Frame Depth (mm) – 70mm
    Typical Sightlines (mm) – 132mm

    All configuration have lever/lever handles on the prime leaf with the exception of types 1, 4, 6 and 13 which are internal handles only.

    Many Door Configurations

    Doors and panels can be used in any configuration, style and design with all configurations available in both open-in and open-out options. Stainless steel wheels also ensure smooth and consistent operation, making it truly effortless to let the outside, inside your home.

    Whatever you want, you can be sure that a multifolding door will revitalise your room while still working hard to keep your warm and safe.

    Cornerless Multifold Door

    The Corner less Multi-Fold Door can be used to open a kitchen/dinner up into the garden, resulting in a completely open space with no need for a corner post. The Cornerless option creates open plan living and offers more flexibility for your home

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